Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anthony's Baby Quilt

This week I have been collecting the fabrics and working on my great grand son's quilt.  I'm having a blast picking fabrics for the letters.  I have to admit that when I started this I thought I would have no problem pulling fabric from my stash to do all of the letters......boy was I wrong!

I thought I had a lot of novelty fabric that I could surely find things for every letter of the alphabet.  I did not have apples, ice cream, zebra fabric, etc.,  I wound up going to several quilt shops and finally having to order some online to get things for each letter.
Here is the monkey's for M.
 Bee's for B
Gingerbread people for G.
 Lady bugs for L.
 And my friend Suzanne gave me Skelaton's for S.
This is such fun picking out fabrics for each one.

Can't wait to get this done.  My goal is to have the baby quilt done and ready to give to them at Thanksgiving.

Happy Quilting,

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