Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes It is Cold This Morning!

While on my way to work this morning I looked down at my outside temperature guage......and yes it reads 27 degrees.....burrrrrrr.
Knowing me you know that I am not a cold natured person, but something about this morning, maybe the 10-15 mph winds have me cold to the bone.  I don't think that I got warm today at all.  But the ER being busy sure kept my blood working.  No time to really think about being cold.

A couple of days ago Bonnie Hunter posted about using the extension table from her Janome 6600P for her featherweight.  I thought that it would be too big....but I was wrong.  Look at that pretty thing.  I put a phone book under the machine and wow.  My husband saw it and said it was great too.
Guess that I will be taking this with me to bee next time.  Thanks Bonnie Hunter for all of your great inspiration!

Happy Quilting,

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