Monday, November 26, 2012

Enjoying My Accuquilt Cutting Machine

Today I decided to do some cutting for the guild with my Accuquilt.  A month or so ago a lady donated a lot of fabric to our guild to be used for Habitat For Humanity Quilts.  Susan and I cut out a lot of kits at bee one night and we were able to hand those out at our last meeting.  This time Sue asked me to cut fabric into 2 1/2 inch strips which the ladies could use to make some Habitat quilts.  So today I've been "stripping".  Below is a container that I am putting the stips into for the guild.  The first picture is where I was after about an hour of cutting (bear in mind that I am having to press some of this fabric to get the strips cut).
 The second picture here is after about 3 hours today of playing, pressing and cutting.  I don't know how many strips are in this bucket but it is really heavy.  I just kept mashing the layers down and adding more.  I think that some ladies and gentlemen from the guild are going to have fun piecing some quilts from these strips. 
There are some beautiful fabrics that she donated and I'm almost to the bottom of the box she donated.  Looking forward to getting the box out of here and getting back my space.  Whew....but the accuquilt made the job so easy.  Cutting 60 strips in one pass is awesome! 

Today being cyber Monday I did take advantage of the sale at Accuquilt and ordered a few more dies for my machine.......early Christmas present..hehe.

Happy Quilting,


Vroomans' Quilts said...

WOW - you must have muscles!! Lovely tote of fabric strips.

julieQ said...

I am glad you are enjoying your machine...what a head start on some gorgeous quilts!

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