Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day

 A day of thanks to all of those who have served our country.  Thank you for the freedom that we enjoy.  Your service is appreciated and not forgotten.  I have many service men and women in our family who have given of their time and talents to serve our country and protect our freedom.  THANK  YOU!

Today has been a very good day.  But my kitty thinks it is a little chilly.  I had been looking for my jacket......finally found it.....with a little hidden kitty trying to get warm.  Got to love her!
My goal today was to get little Anthony's quilt finished so I could show it at show and share for the guild meeting tonight.  So I have a lot to get done.  Below is the quilt being loaded into the longarm. is finished with binding sewn on!  It has been a very long day but I am sooooooooo tickled.  I am wanting to give this to Anthony and his mom at Thanksgiving.
A closeup of the quilting. I quilted around the edge of each block, then outlined each of the letters.  I did the loops in the borders.  Fun to quilt. 
And of course the label on the back.  I decided to use my own handwriting for the label so that he would have that piece of history with his quilt.  Your handwriting is such a special thing to those who come after you.  I treasure recipes and cards written by my grandmothers and my mom.
Next I finished the binding on mom's second donation quilt to Habitat for Humanity.  This is the backing which I loved.
 The front of the quilt is the strip race quilt.  She just started sewing strips end to end.  Brought the final end back to the beginning, sewing that long seam, cut it and started again.  What a fun way to make a scrappy quilt.  She will be turning in these two quilts tonight at quild meeting.
Back to work tomorrow.  So hope you have some time to quilt some fun into your life.
Happy Quilting,

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