Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Studio Project Completed!

Today we worked on building my thread rack for the studio.  I am so excited as this is one of the final projects we had planned.
 It was 90 degrees with 70% humidity out in the shop today but I didn't care.  I was getting to put some nails into the rack and I was so tickled.
 Now to move it into place in the room.
So excited
Now I'm playing with sorting all of my thread out.  YIPPIE!!
The rack hangs straight.....just the photographer can't take a straight picture...hehe.  So much fun......so little time for fun......but more and more I'm getting little bits and pieces of time that I can play.  Better get back to sorting thread.  I hope to be able to watch Bonnie Hunter on Quiltcam tonight at 9:00 pm.  Maybe I can get some more blocks pieced for a quilt of valor.
Happy quilting,

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Amanda said...

I love it...it looks awesome! How do you store your bobbins? I like keeping mine near the correct spool so that I keep the right colors together, but then I don't have a nice way to display the spools.