Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Folding, Folding And More Folding

Mom and I have spent over 9 hours today bringing fabric back into the studio and refolding to fit on the shelves.  Wow that is a lot of fabric.  Mom is such a trooper and has enjoyed helping as much as she could with the remodel.  She is looking forward to spending a lot of time here quilting also.

The fabric looks great arranged by colors on the shelves.  On the far right hand side you can see the drawers for all of the pre cut pieces.  I use the Bonnie Hunter Scraper User's System so there are squares, strips and bricks already cut and ready to use.  Such fun playing with fabric.

We sorted as we went and made a big pile of pieces that were too small to refold and put onto the shelves.  I'll iron and cut these up on the Accuquilt cutter along and along and add to the precut drawers of fabric.  These are collapsible laundry baskets that I picked up at the dollar store.  They will work fine for the temporary storage of all of these pieces.

Happy Quilting,

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