Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fabric Storage Shelves

When we started on the old part of the studio I moved all of my fabric stash into the dinning room on the table, chairs, fireplace, etc.  As you can see there is fabric everywhere.

 We all know that we have fabric stash, but goodness is that a lot of fabric to move around.

Roger has been working on the fabric shelving for my stash and now it is going in.  We had to build shelves as we could not find ones that matched my old shelving.  I had Roger make two of the shelves half shelves so it would not obscure my electrical outlets in the new studio section.  So I now have 4 full shelving units and 2 half shelving units.  I think it should be good.
Now to start moving all that fabric back into the studio.

Happy Quilting,

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