Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Am Officially Caught Up.....I Think... With The Blog.

Many of you have asked about my blog and when I was going to post again.  Today I think I have filled in as many of the holes as I can.   So there are lots of posts back dated to when it happened.  The past few months have been really busy with work, building the studio and family.  I love blogging and hope now to be able to keep up with it again.  You know once you get behind on something it is hard to get yourself jump started again.  This blog is my life, my family and my quilting.  Each year I have my blog printed into a book as a journal of that year.  Roger and I truly enjoy going back through the year and seeing how much we really accomplished and everything that happened.  It's amazing how much we actually do each year (we all do, it's just keeping a record of it that is hard).

Today we have been putting up the remainder of the hanging pins for my studio.  This allows me to hang quilts of varying sizes easier than with just rods.  I like the idea and Roger has made the hanging racks cover the entire studio. 
 The pins are clothes pins which he has attached to a board and painted.  He put pins every 4 inches all the way around the studio........and honey that is a lot of clothes pins.  I think I bought everyone that the dollar store had and mom brought some she had.  Roger is so patient with projects like this and I always love the outcome. 
 They look great and hold quilts of any size.

Now to get more quilts up.

The other project we are working on today is the TV for the room.  There are just too dang many choices in TV's and sizes these days.  But we chose one and Roger is working on running the cable lines and mounting a shelf for it to go on.

The last project on our list for the studio is my thread rack.  I've been drawing and figuring and trying to decide how big to make the rack.  I have a ton of thread already and want to make sure it is big enough to cover what I have and some extra space.  I don't think I am going to put the longarm thread on it due to the large spools and the additional amount of thread.  I have the longarm thread in a drawer under the machine.....and think it is better to stay there.  More decisions!  Hopefully by this weekend I will be able to post the studio tour.  FUN....FUN....FUN!

Happy Quilting,


sew.darn.quilt said...

What a clever idea for hanging things.

Angela Smith said...

I love your clothes pin hanger.