Monday, July 1, 2013

Carpet Going Down

The walls are up, painted and trim done!  Now it is time for carpet to go down in the new addition and prepare the floor in the old studio for the new carpet.  This new studio addition has been a tedious project for my honey but he is doing an awesome job and I am such a blessed woman.

 The carpet I chose is "Cookies & Cream"....hehe. 
 As we complete sections we have moved some things from the old studio space to the new as we work forward.

 Yes it is July and it is hot, but it is so fun to see the carpet going down.
 Carpet down in new section and longarm etc moved into new section so we can refloor and carpet the old section.
With all of this going on there sure is not much quilting getting done......but soon and very soon there will be the hum of machines again.
Happy quilting,

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Debbie said...

Wowser!!! This looks so fabulous...there's enough room for me too! Girl, you are so fortunate and blessed to have Roger put this together. Do you think I am just a little green at all this space to fill. Enjoy it.