Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brain Dead!

Today has been a day for taking tests. I had to recertify basic CPR and do 20 annual tests I can't think. But one thing I can't forget is to wish my grand-daughter a happy birthday.

(I know this is not a current picture, but I just love it!!!)
It is hard to believe that you are now 15 years old. Boy does time pass quickly. You have turned into a beautiful young lady and I am so proud to be your grandmother. I am also thrilled that you are now into quilting. Can't wait to start your next project with you. Hope you had a great birthday.
Below is the quilt that I currently have in my longarm machine. It is a 4-patch swirl pattern. My mother, myself and my grand-daughter all took the class together and had a blast. I have already quilted mom's quilt for her and Haley quilted hers last year. (the one that she won her blue ribbon on!!) I haven't thought of a name yet, but it is Christmassy to maybe something to do with Christmas.
And a close up photo.
I am hoping to finish this quilt when my Bee comes over this Friday night.....barring any snowfall....which the weathermen can't decide is or is not coming in on Friday. I hope not because it has been a while since I saw my Bee girls. Miss that time together.
Better run now. Below is a picture of my Quilt Motto!!!

Happy Quilting to all,


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