Friday, January 15, 2010

Diet Progress

I started a lifestyle change after Christmas and I have lost 7.5 lbs so far. Today I really feel good as it is starting into my 3rd week on the diet.
It takes a while for your body to get comfortable with your new eating habits. I have much more energy when I limit my carbohydrate intake, plus the added benefit of less joint pain.
Thank you Lord for the ability to change habits and improve our health. Working in the Emergency Room you never know if you will have time to eat or not so having better saity with your meals is a must.

Today I have many things on my list of To Do. Our quilting bee meets tonight at Sue's house. One of my goals this year is to plan my working week so I can attend more of my bee nights. Those girls are wonderful therapy. If your ribs can stand the soreness after laughing so hard!!
Hey, that should count as exercise....he he he.

It is still cool here today, 33 degrees outside. I'm excited to get bundled up and go look at the garage. Roger started on the siding yesterday. He said only one doorway done so far, but progress is great.

We confirmed our winning estimate for the garage doors this week. We were able to get a much better estimate from a new contractor. Our goal is to have them installed before the end of February. YES!! Then we only have one more major expense and that will be the lift. Roger is so excited to see his dream garage coming together. It's hard to believe that a year ago there was only a concrete slab outside. Amazing what a goal and dedication to a goal can do. I've always said that you can do anything you set your mind to, and we have.

When the garage is completed our next goal is our Mortgage. The plan is to start putting the monthly money we've been putting in the garage construction into paying off our mortgage. The mortgage pay down is slated to start with our July payment. Then 3.5 years and we will be mortgage FREE!! So February 2014 should be our debt free year. What a wonderful feeling that will be. You can do anything for a period of time. All you must do is DECIDE it is important to you and do it! JUST DO IT!
Our garage and my quilting studio are prime examples of that philosophy.

I've ranted enough so now I'm off to do some business paperwork so I can quilt tonight with my bee peeps.
Happy quilting to all,

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