Monday, May 17, 2010

Memories of Trip to Overland Park Kansas and MQS Showcase

Roger and I at Wild Wings in Overland Park, Kansas enjoying the great food.

We really had a great time this past week, except for the Tornado's that passed through the area. But we were able to keep on our schedule despite the weather.
Caddy & Cakes by Janet Fogg
was chosen as Viewer's Choice at MQS
Of course Roger loved this quilt. It is bed size and beautiful. It was a while before we realized that the caddy was sitting on a cake stand. It is beautiful and very detailed. You can see some of the detailed piecing and quilting below. Just Beautiful.Amazing that it is a quilt. Roger and I both voted for it as viewer's choice, so I was tickled that it won.
We saw some beautiful countryside during our trip to Kansas and returning home to South Carolina. On the way home we stopped in Metropolis, Illinois....oh yeah.....the home of Superman!!

Can you believe that we had to wait in line to get a picture!! What a hoot.
Here's my own personal Superman!!
But wait.......did Superman just get a 911 call? Ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound....he he he.

Happy Quilting for another day. I will try to post more pictures as time allows.


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