Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Awesome Adventure

This has been an awesome adventure at MQS. Seven classes down so far and I have learned so much information. Many things I wish I had known when I purchased my longarm machine. So my advice to anyone purchasing a longarm is to take some Longarm classes prior to purchasing your machine. I have had hands on classes on 3 different machines so far; Handi Quilter, Gammill and A-1. Each had it's differences, but all in all, they are all longarm machines. I now feel so much more comfortable with my machine and how to keep it sewing at it's best. After using the other machines I now am glad with the decision to buy the machine I purchased. My "sweetpea" is truly a sweetpea.
All of my instructors have been wonderful and have given so many tips and techniques. I can't wait to get home and begin trying new things and perfecting old techniques.
Last night was the shopping frenzy........crazy, crazy, crazy. I purchased tons on new thread, some rulers, bobbin winder, needles and a new bobbin case for my machine.
The "solving your tension headaches" class was unbelievable. I learned so much about just how the machine makes stitches and all of the things that can cause tension problems. I also learned a protocol for solving your tension problems, as a nurse protocols are how I think, so having this information is invaluable to me.
Tons of people here and many wonderful quilter's that I met in my classes, many of us are taking the same classes, so we get to see each other multiple times.
This morning Roger and I are going to breakfast at Le Peep restaurant, so the peep is eating at the Le Peep restaurant!! he he he
We are going to the Quilt Show section this morning to see all of the beautiful quilts, take tons of pictures and study the techniques used by the quilters. This afternoon I have two more classes which will be more great information to absorb.
Have a great day and Happy Quilting,

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Debbie said...

Sounds like you are in Wonderland! Has Roger been car or car part hunting yet? We leave in the middle of the night for Alaska today....see you when you get back.