Friday, May 14, 2010

Nine Down 5 Classes To Go

It's hard to believe that I have already taken nine classes here, but so much information. I can't believe everything I have already learned about my machine and just quilting in general.
My next class today is on Bindings, Borders & Sashings, and I am sure I will learn alot in that class also. After lunch I have Tips, Tricks & Tools of the Trade which should be fun. Later this afternoon I have Walking Borders, Shashings and Such which will also be packed full of information. Then tonight we have the banquet with Kay England as the Key Note Speaker, she is going to be talking on Quilter's Memoir's.
Roger and I made another run through the vendor mall yesterday......oops.....did I miss that thread booth before, oh well, guess I will have to get that color also...he he he.
The quilt show is just unbelievable! The workmanship in the quilts, the color choice and patterns leave so much to learn from just studying what the artist did.
I am looking at everything around me differently now, carpets, signs, paintings, building designs, all of these give quilting ideas that I have never even considered when picking a pattern to quilt. My sketch pad is full of fun stuff.
We ate at Le Peep restaurant yesterday morning and it was delicious. Can't believe that I only have a day and a half left of the show and classes. Then we head back home to put everything into practice.....and of course return to work :(
We were able to find a pair of Z-Coil sandles for me yesterday, wearing a size 6 is difficult to find shoes, but they found me a pair in Missouri and are shipping them to my house....yippie.
I'll have tons of pictures when I return.
Happy Quilting,

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