Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We leave tomorrow morning for Overland Park, Kansas. I am still trying to get all the last minute details done before we leave. Another crazy day yesterday in the ER. I had exposure to Meningitis and had to take prophylaxis treatment along with 10 other members of my staff. YIKES!
But thankfully you have 24 hours to receive the treatment. I was able to arrange for all of us to get treatment prior to leaving the ER.
I can't wait for work day to be over. Just a few more hours and we will be on our way.
As I keep reading over the class descriptions I am so excited at the information I will be exposed to and the talented women and men who will be teaching the classes. These are internationally known teachers who have won numerous awards for their quilting. My prayer is to learn one new skill from each of them which will enhance my quilting experience.
Here are some of the classes I'll be taking:
"But Wait There Are More Backgrounds" being taught by Cathy Franks.
"Whimsical & Funky Feathers In The Box-No More Dilemma 'how do I quilt this?'" being taught by Irena Bluhm
"Fearless Beginning To Longarm Quilting" being taught by Pamela Clarke
"Create Exploding Texture" being taught by Judy Woodworth
Just For You at Home Quilters-Take it to the Next Level" being taught by Judy Woodworth.
"Solve Your Tension Headaches" being taught by Rick Taylor
"Hip To Be Square" being taught by Renae Haddadin
"It's More Than Just Edge to Edge!" being taught by Kim Brunner
"Get Creative With Gridwork" being taught by Gina Perkes
"Brillant Bindings" being taught by Debbie Wendt
"Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade" being taught by Bonnie Bosman & Carole Wilder
"Walking Borders, Sashings & Meanderings" being taught by Sally Terry
Banquet Key Note Speaker Kaye England-"Memoir's of a Quilter"
"Running Threads- Learning to Fine Tune" being taught by Sally Terry
"Stunning Sashings" being taught by Sue Patten
So as you can see I have a lot of information coming my way.
Happy Quilting,


Debbie said...

Have fun, be safe, I'm jealous! loveyou, girl.

Shelia said...

Thanks Debbie, I can't wait to get to the classes and absorb as much as possible. Hopefully we'll have lots to talk about at Bee next Friday. If you guys are meeting this Friday, have fun and I'll see you soon.