Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to the real world

O.K. I admit I was very spoiled having 7 days to quilt and play. Now it is back to reality and work!! :(
Roger and I had to return to work on Tuesday and yes it hurts.
Yesterday my mom came over and sewed on a project all day. She and dad are attending their 55th High School Reunion tomorrow. Wow, that is saying something.
Last night some of the bee girls came over. We laughed and giggled all evening and looked at pictures from MQS. What wonderful quilts and details. I am still in overload at all that I learned while at the show and classes. So today I am trying to use the information I learned about setting up your longarm machine to check everything and see that it is all square. That means that all of my leaders etc., will be redone to assure they are square and parallel with my take up poles. So fun today and hopefully at the end of today I will have a "Hip to be Square" longarm setup.
Had a major scare last evening when we received a call that our oldest grandson and grand daughter had been in an automobile accident. Thank you Lord for bringing them both safely out of that accident. My grandson is broken hearted to see his precious mustang crunched!
Thankfully they both came out with only some airbag abrasions and sore muscles.
Happy Quilting,


julieQ said...

I am so glad your babies are safe and not hurt. Those kind of phone calls are so scary!! Quilting time for whole week? wonderful!

Shelia said...

You are so right, cars can be replaced but grands are not replaceable. Yes I had a wonderful time, now I'm in quilting withdrawal.