Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Adventures with Kim

Today started with our ship docking in Isla Roatan.  Roatan is a 60km island off the coast of Honduras.  The island is located next to the Caribbean's largest coral reef (the second largest in the world).  All four of us left the ship this morning to spend a leisurely day shopping and time on the beach.  Did I tell you that we are a lot closer to the Equator right now?  And just how do I know that........because it is *******HOT!!  Add hot flashes on top of that and you get nuclear melt downs.  But we are having a great, hot time.  Is is snowing at home?  hehehehe.

Kim, Anita and Roger have all tried to see who could drink the most marguarita's today.......and Anita and Roger don't have a chance in that contest.  We visited Fat Tuesday's and had a blast, Roger and I even got to do a little "shagging on the boardwalk"  We mostly shopped the morning away.  Then we tried to convince Anita to join us on the beach chair lift, but we lost.  So Roger, Kim and I went on the chair lift over the bay to Mahogany Bay.  It was a beautiful ride across the jungle to the beautiful white sand beach.  Kim strolled along the beach picking up rocks and sea shells.  Then we all dipped into the beautiful water.   We decided that we would make a large loop on the chair lift so when we got back on we just rode back and forth over the bay.  Beautiful scenery of some old sunken ships and gorgeous jungle vistas.  We have tons of pictures to show, but still having difficulty getting them to upload on this satellite feed.

The winds right now are blowing at 30 knots which is causing the doors to whistle when you attempt to open the balcony doors.  Anita doesn't like the rocking and whistling at this time.  But is being a wonderful sport.  Her and Kim are keeping us laughing constantly.  We got to see an emergency rescue on the beach today.  They were able to use their four wheeler with a stretcher on wheels pulled behind the four wheeler to extract a man who had problems with the heat.  He's doing fine now.  So we then went back to our drinks at Fat Tuesday.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little cooler, 98 today with 91% humidity and no rain, so hot and humid. 

We are now sailing to Costa Maya, Mexico for our port of call tomorrow.  We're still trying to decide what we are doing there. 

Keep Kim in your prayers as hip pain has been tough the last few days.  But as usual she is laughing and talking non-stop.  I don't think Kim has met any strangers on this trip, even when they didn't speak english.......What a girl!!

Oh yeah, I forgot that while we were shopping Kim found a lady with a stand of items she was selling.  Each item was made from recycled stuff.  I think it took us at least an hour to get Kim out of that stand.  The lady was explaining each and EVERY item to Kim and how it was made.  She also was explaing to Kim all of the other items that she was wanting to make from recycled items.  Bless her.
Until tomorrow,

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