Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Events

Today started off early again for all of us.  We all headed for an early breakfast before splitting up for our excursions.   Anita is going into town to shop while Roger, Shelia and Kim do the zip-line.  Our ship docked at 7 a.m. Cozumel, Mexico.

Our zip line excursion started at 9:30 a.m. when we met our group on the dock.  There were 24 of us total to do the zip line.  My stomach was very queezy this morning just thinking about the six circuits of zip lines, but as I have is just too short to be afraid of anything!  So off we go.  Our tour guide Jose was a hoot!

We arrived at the zip line venue at 10 a.m. and got our first safety lecture.  We were all fitted for our harness, helmets and gloves.  Remember when the written description said that you would have to climb a 25 foot ladder to the zip line......yeah about 25 ladders all about 28-inches wide in a hut like thing with everyone going up one by one, hooked together with a rope.  It was bamboo and wood nailed together in each hut.  We all got our work out for the day.  Jose who found out that Kim and I were both a little leary of the zip line decided that since it was Kim's Birthday trip that we would do the entire zip line 2 times!!!  That is 12 zip line circuits.......OMG......I hadn't jumped off the first one yet!

We decided that of our threesome Kim would go first, then me and finally Roger.  That way I could give Kim a shove and Roger and Jose could give me a shove.  The first circuit was tough.  We learned how to use the brake......that is a very helpful thing.  Kim got harnessed right up and loaded on the wires and off she went.   Then it was my turn.  Jose had too much fun with this........I could not say yes to going at first and he laughed and said...."you have to go now miss Shelia"  and my response was ......"you are still within arms reach Jose so don't make me hurt you".  Everyone on the ladder was hooting!  Finally, I gave in and jumped (yeah right, got pushed by Jose and Roger.  It was great!  and by the 12th circuit I had it down pat and could jump off all by myself.  Kim was awesome and well as Roger.  They both had a great time.  I think Kim would do it again in a heart beat. 

Kim got to see Peacocks on the ground under one of the zip lines and some beautiful jungle scenery throughout the zips.  No one out of our group of 24 chickened out, although several of us were slow chicks!!

After we finished the ziplines, we returned to the port and met up with Anita at Fat Tuesday's for something cold to drink and shopping.  We ran back to the ship quickly to change out of our hot blue jeans and put something cooler on.   Anita has had a good time shopping and enjoying the scenery at the ports.  We had lunch on the ship, then Roger, Kim and I returned to Cozumel for some more shopping.....we stopped first at Three Amigo's where Kim and I rode a fully dressed mexican bandito's donkey (ass as he called it) while Roger took pictures, Kim just hooted everytime the man called his donkey an ass ( miss you want to ride my ass?......I know you can hear Kim cackling right now......and Marguarita's of course at Fat Tuesday's.

After shopping we were enjoying a Marguarita when a Mariachi band came over and serenaded us.  Kim was so thrilled.

Kim has truly had a wonderful time so far and we are happy to have been able to be here with her to share in these events......and of course we are not done yet.

Just finished a shower to cool off while Anita and Kim are back up on the Lido deck bathing in the sun.  More later,

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