Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday--Our Last Day At Sea

This morning we all decided to sleep in and get some much needed rest.  Kim and Anita decided that they wanted to be sun bunnies again and lay out on the Lido deck.  So after breakfast those two scurried off to find a lounge chair to inhabit for a few hours.

Roger and I did some more exploring of the ship and started sorting clothes for the big packing event tonight.  We also signed up for a couples massage workshop for 3 p.m. Saturday.

Kim and Anita are "frying" oh no I mean bathing in the sun and having a great time.  They were able to watch the ice carving demonstration on deck.  Kim and Anita also ran into our waiter for dinner, Edsel.  He was concerned that we did not like his service since we played hookey from dinner last night.  Who would have thought?  But Kim has kept him pretty entertained every night at dinner.  They assured him that we would be back.

Roger and I went to our couples massage workshop.  Our massage therapist was Zsa Zsa from Wales.  I just loved her accent.  She started with me on the massage table and instructed Roger in massage techniques.  Then it was Roger's turn. She was so patient and informative.  Roger said that he had a great time.  What man wouldn't since he had two women giving him a massage at the same time.  We learned alot and came away feeling more refreshed and limber.  That was great after all of the climbing on the zip line yesterday.

Tonight since we had a wonderful dinner in the dinning room with all of our new friends and waiters, Edsel, "Little Brother, cause we can't pronounce his name" and the other tables who had missed us.  We all decided not to have dessert since we were so stuffed from the meal.  Boy the waiters sure don't like it if you don't do a course.  But we all stuck to our guns tonight and said no dessert.  Whew!!

Back to the room now to start packing for our trip home.  Roger and I have most of ours packed already.  We shared on bag for the trip so my creative packing skills really come in handy at times.

Next was a shreak from the adjoining room.  Anita and Kim can't fathom how they are going to get all of their stuff packed for the trip home.   I just have to laugh.  With some creativity and switching around we were able to get all of their stuff packed.  Don't know if we will be able to get it all in the car when we arrive back in Tampa, but that is another story all together.

I don't think any of us can sleep tonight.  We have had a great time and really could stay for another ride on the ship......oh well.  good night everyone.

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