Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quilt Bee Fun

Last night my bee girls came over for some fun.  Mom was feeling better so she also came.  This was her first day out of the house in 3 weeks, except for the last doctor's visit.  Thanks goodness she is finally feeling better.  Rough five week battle with pneumonia.

Above is Suzanne's Texas Braid quilt she is working on.  Isn't it gorgeous!  She pieced 2 full braid strips here last night.  I love all of the fabrics used in this quilt.  It is such a trip down memory lane when you start looking at all of the scraps and where you've seen or used them in quilts before.  Another found quilt out of what would have been trash to some people.  Great job Suzanne.
Suzanne piecing the braid on her featherweight.

Above is Sue and Debbie working on a quilt Sue is piecing from Eneanor Burns book "Orion's Start Quilt".  Sue gave me the book for my 50th birthday last year and loved it so much she bought one for herself.  She had beautiful fabrics for the quilt.  Can't wait to see the completed top.  And knowing Sue it will be finished by next week!  Oh and don't miss their little helper trying to assist them in their venture........whiskers......he is just such a ham!

Debbie was also piecing on a client's quilt for an upcoming vendor booth.  She always does such beautiful work. 
Then here is mom piecing the string blocks for her Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt mystery.  She hasn't been able to piece on it in weeks since she has been sick.  It was great to see her sewing along last night.  I think she got 12 more string blocks pieced last night.

I was working on the friends quilt in my frame, still trying to get it completed for her.  I'm ready to get this done and out of my frame. 

Our quilt guild president Suzanne has issued a New Year's Resolution Challenge to our guild members.  To be part of the challenge you must make a pledge to complete a current UFO, an unstarted project gathering dust or another "quilty, sewing" project you want to get completed in the next 6 months.  So it is time for me to pick one of the many UFO's in my pile and make a pledge to get it done.  Now.......just which one will it be?

Happy Quilting Today.......the sun is actually shinning outside....Yippie!

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