Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back In The Quilting Studio

Starting off with a picture of my niece Kelly and her husband Jerry.  Kelly and Jerry were so much help to us with caring for dad.  Wonderful woman she has become and a wonderful man she is married to.

Mom and I finally made it out into the quilting studio.  I think we both were ready for some destressing time.  You know that the hum of sewing machines speaks to the soul.  Mom had started the Bonnie Hunter mystery Orca Bay before daddy got sick but had not had any time to work on it in a long time, so that is what she pulled out.  I had to pull out all of the instruction pages so we could figure out just where she had left off.  We realized that she did not have all of the pieces cut for the entire quilt.  While she pieced I continued to cut the pieces she needed to complete the quilt.  Goodness there are alot of pieces in this mystery also.  Below are some of the pieces on the ironing table.

 Then there were lots of paper pieced string blocks again in this mystery, I love to do those blocks.  Mom had some red string blocks and some small blue string blocks.  Below is part of the mess made removing paper from the back of her blocks and squaring up block pieces and trimming dog ears.....whew!  Sure hope my cats don't find their way in here before I get this all swept up or I'll have dog ears all over my house.
 Below is mom sewing away on the featherweight piecing all of thes tiny blocks.  Here she is working on the ohio star blocks 6 1/2 inch blocks  28 with dark stars and 28 with light stars. 
 And below is a picture of mom's first two rows of the Orca Bay quilt.  Just look at all those pieces in just two is going to have another beautiful quilt when she gets finished.  So proud of her for putting all of the work into this quilt.  I am so blessed to be able to spend the time with my mother quilting, something that we both love to do.  This time is truly precious.
Taking mom today to her doctor for her physical.  We had cancelled it when dad was sick but today are finally getting it done.  Praying that everything will be good.

Roger Jr. arrived from Florida last night.  So good to see him.  Roger and Roger Jr. have had a trip to Martinsville, VA for the race planned for a long time and this weekend is the race.  They are both excited to get to spend this time together.  I am so proud that they remain close even though they live in different states.  I encourage them to spend as much time together as possible as we never know what tomorrow will bring.  They text everyday and usually talk on the phone every day or so, that is a wonderful thing.  And now with the video calling they can even show each other things they are doing like painting a truck or catching a fish.  Technology is truly a gift at times.

My plan for this weekend is to spend Friday and Saturday quilting.  It is my birthday and I need to put some stitches in some fabric.  I may work on my applique from the Pat Sloan workshop I attended.  I do have pictures to post, but just have not had time.

Happy quilting,

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