Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Shelia


Yes today is my birthday and I am spending it in my quilting studio with mom doing some much needed sewing time.

Remember my Quilter's Of South Carolina Challenge from 2010...It has been touring the state for the last year and 3 months.  My friend Suzanne picked it up from the QSC spring meeting for me.  So glad to have my 7 Menopausal Dwarfs back home.

 Last night the bee girls came over and we had a blast just chilling.  Ironically, even with all of the fun we each got a lot accomplished.    I thought that I had pictures of everyone but somehow some were just video instead of pictures.  Gina was sewing the binding down on a precious baby quilt for a friend.  It was sea themed and soooo cute.  But the picture was in a video that I sent to Roger and forgot to just photograph it.

Mom was still working on her Orca Bay mystery and all of those tiny pieces.  Here is a close up of one of the blocks.
Below is a picture of Sue's Pat Sloan class project.  She has all of her applique on the quilt and now just needs to do the button-hole stitch around each of them.
 Suzanne was working on her Texas Redwork project which is GORGEOUS!  Below you can see some of the blocks below.

 Suzanne has done some beautiful work on these blocks.  It is going to be a stricking quilt.  She started sewing the blocks into rows with the sashing last night.  Knowing her she will have it finished by our quilt guild meeting on the 9th....hehe.

I am working on my Pat Sloan class project below.
 I got the half square triange border sewn on and I am now working on the final border and the applique vines for it.
Here I am trying to get the vine laid out just like I want it.  Moving around since we are all having to use the ironing station.
 Susan was working on the Carolina Chain quilt for her friend.  It is going to be beautiful.  She was sewing on the brown sashing last night.  Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
 Here is mom sewing on her Orca Bay on her Featherweight we gave her for Christmas.  (Didn't realize when I took the picture just how much stuff we had piled onto the table while working)
Here is Sue working on her Featherweight.  She is sewing blocks together for her take along project.
 And here is "sissy" just worn out.  I think all of the company over the past few weeks has worn her out. 
Hope that you have had a great day quilting.  I have enjoyed spending my birthday with my mom quilting.

While I have been quilting my honey and Roger Jr. have been in Martinsville, VA for the race.  Here is my honey.
Here is a picture of practice for the sprint cup race.
 Roger and Roger Jr. at Martinsville track.
 Roger Jr. in Earnhardt's car.

Happy Quilting,

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