Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pat Sloan Is Here!!

Pat Sloan has finally arrived in Greenville!!  We are so excited to have here here for classes Saturday, Sunday and lecture at our guild meeting on Monday night.  Last night our bee took Pat and Greg out to supper at Red Robin....YUM!  We had a great time and such a sweet lady.  I am so looking forward to a little de-stressing and quilting class.

 Roger, Greg and Pat.
 Pat, Susan, Suzanne
 Sue, Gina and Dave
and Me and Roger.

Getting all of my stuff packed this morning as I am heading to the hospital after the class to relieve mom for the night.

Sorry for the delay in has been another crazy week with dad back in the hospital.  We did the lithotripsy yesteday and dad did pretty good through that.  He is still connected to bladder irrigation to keep the blood clots from clogging his catheter and has the stent still in place.  Hopefully in the next few days we can pull the stent and see if he can pass the pieces of stone.  The stone was broken into about 20 pieces, (it was a 20mm stone which is HUGE so now he will have 20 kidney stones at least to pass.......not looking forward to this process and have alot of sympathy for what he is fixing to go through)  The doctor was not able to crush it any smaller due to the size of the stone and the amount of space that is in the kidney pelvis.  We also had to limit the amount of time the machne was hitting the kidney due to the previous injury to the kidney from the blockage.  Today we will be watching his kidney function to make sure it does not show additional damage from the lithotripsy.  Keep us in your prayers and I will try to update more later.

Now off to spend the day with Pat Sloan!

Happy Quilting,

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