Friday, March 2, 2012

Hexagon Work With Mom

Today mom carried some hexi's with her to work on at the nursing home.  I purchased one of the creative memory hexagon punches and had punched some of her template plastic for her. 

As you can see in the photo she has punches a tiny hole in the center, I need to use a hole punch and make the hole bigger so she can put a pin in there to hold the fabric in place.  But for today it will have to work.

Dad had a much better day today.  He had physical therapy this morning working with weights on his legs to build strength, then he sat up in the wheelchair talking with me and mom for an hour, then he fed himself lunch and ate everything on his plate.  Much better control of his hands today and using the utensils and handling the glasses with beverages.  He was exhausted and ready for a nap after all of that.  He said that the therapist would be coming in a couple of hours to have him walk and he needed to nap before that!  Very pleased with today's progress.  Still making urine and less bloody today.  More prayers answered!

Mom took her Black Magic quilt she made up to the nursing home and put onto dads bed.  He smiled when we put it on him for his nap after lunch.  I think it took dad all of 5 seconds to fall asleep once we got him in bed. 
 A close up of some of the quilting on the quilt.

We have an interested party for my grandfathers place and are to meet them tomorrow.  I sure hope that they are interested enough to purchase and take that one thing off of my list.  Prayers being said for that too.

Off to see my Bee girls for a few minutes tonight.  Seems like forever since I have gotten to be with them.  Could use a few laughs right now.

Happy Quilting,

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