Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Busy Week

This week has definately been a busy one.  Working mostly, but I was able to get to see some of my bee girls on Friday night.  WE HAD A BLAST!  I got to try out my new baby, my featherweight.  She sews so sweet.  The girls gave me lots of tips and tricks to using the featherweight.
I worked in the ER on Saturday and when I got home got a call that my brother was having chest pain at work.  He has had a heart attack already and open heart surgery.  I  was able to go with the transport with him to the hospital.  We got home around 2 a.m. this morning........and if you recall my non sleeping good stuff this meant that I had been up almost 24 hours by this point.  He is doing better, no heart attack, his labs were good and EKG were good.  He was admitted for observation and will do a heart cath tomorrow to check his grafts.  Hopefully everything there will be o.k.  Trying to get mom well from pneumonia and keep her at home, thankfully dad is there to keep a watch on her for me.
I am blessed with a great group of clinical coordinators that I work with and Lori and Tamara are switching their schedules around so I can be off tomorrow to be with Paul during his cath.  Whew....thanks Lord for the patience lesson......sure wish I would learn that lesson so I could stop getting so many projects in that area.  Keep us in your prayers.
I think I am going to lock myself in my sewing room for a couple of hours today and see if I can sew some stress into a quilt top.  Thank you Lord for that ability.
My kitties don't see to be very bothered by all the coming and going at all hours.  They just ruffle the covers and settle in for another long nap.....what a life!

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