Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday In My Studio

Today I am quilting in my studio.  What a relief.  I am trying to get the quilt finished that is in my frame so I can move on to some other projects.  The quilt in the frame was made by a lady that I work with.  It was her first quilt that she made years ago and wanted it quilted.  It has a lot of problems, uneven, puckers, etc. that I am fighing with to get it quilted as best as I can.  I discussed all of the issues with her prior to starting and she just wants it quilted.  I am using 2 layers of batting; a cotton on bottom and a bamboo on the top to help fill in some of the puckers.  Hopefully it will be acceptable when completed.  The colors are very bright and actually tires your eyes while quilting.
Below is my sweet hubby Friday night after his surgery.  You can see that his "special nurse", sissy was right there with him all evening.  He did great and is feeling much better today, just sore.

Now for some more quilting time.  Hope you have a great day quilting.


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... you are right... the orange and fuchsia are very bright! Good luck with the quilting... wear sunglasses... *lol*

Glad to hear your DH is recovering well!

julieQ said...

I think that will be pretty when it is done..looks like a quilting challenge!

vivian said...

Unusual-not exactly Palmetto colors! I bet it will be gorgeous after it's quilted!