Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wonderful Anniversary Day

Our anniversary was a wonderful day.  When Roger got home from work we decided to take a spur of the moment road trip......YIPPIE!  We love those kind of days.
We left home and grabbed a hambuger on the way north.  We were heading to a car museum Roger had read about in his Old Car Weekly magazine.  It was only an hour from our house and we could get there in time to have a couple of hours to brouse the museum.  So off we go to Forest City, NC to visit Bennetts Classics Museum
 Everyone here was so friendly and helpful.  Two brothers who had owned a family Ford dealership had started this many years ago.  They had actually taken an old house that was to be torn down and used it as part of the inside for ambiance.  It was so nick.  You can see in some of the pictures the wood that looks like the front of a house etc., was reclaimed wood from the old house.
See in this picture the wood that looks like a front of the house.  It really did look nice.  Interspursed throughout the cars which were all makes an models were things like, soapbox derby cars, antique bicycles and lots of other stuff.
 Below is me checking out one of the antique tractors that was also in the museum.
 Below is a view from the front of the museum look toward the back.
 Another view of some of the cars.
 Thought this was a hoot.  A 1950's moonshine still from Rutherfordton NC.
 Roger checking out some of the old cars.
 After we left the museum we headed back toward Greenville.  At a 4 way stop we spotted this little antique store......we so love to wonder through these never know what you will find.  When we arrived it was 20 till 5 and the sign said that they closed at 5:00 p.m.  So we were off for a quick look.
 Just inside the doorway I found this cute old quilt which had pastel colored cats and dogs appliqued on a white background.  Lots of love, wear and tear on this cutie.
 Then I spotted this anqel which was made out of an old quilt.  Her dress, wings and stocking were all out of a repurposed very worn quilt.  Isn't she precious!
 Well as you can see........she now resides in my quilt studio.  Happy Anniversary to ME!!
 This was a very sweet album quilt.  So sweet to see all of the names of friends and loved ones written or embroidered into the squares.  Beautiful quilt.
 This is a close up of one of the album squares.
 Another very used and loved quilt.  Appliqued flowers.  See the red fabric below Roger's face, it is shreaded from age.  Almost all of the reds in this quilt were deteriated.  This one flower still had five petals that were not totally gone.
 But such a sweet quilt.
 This was a paper pieced and machine quilted quilt.  It was called Amish Garden by Elaine Plumer from 1997 as the label said.  It was pretty and I really fought with bringing it home with me also.
 Then OMG.....look what I found.  A singer 128-23 from 1950.  In its burlwood box, with key and all of the pieces.....and it worked.
 Roger talked the owner down to $60.  So she too has a new home today.  What an anniversary.  I really do like these spur of the moment road trips.  hehehehehe
This next quilt was an old utility quilt with lots of wool in it.  Very heavy and it reminded me of the heavy quilts we slept under as kids.  Ones that once you were tucked into couldn't move under them.
Now back home and grilling a couple of t-bone steaks, baked potato's and salad. What more can you ask for.

Many blessing to all,

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