Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Week

This week has been very busy with work and doctor's appointments with dad.  We went to the pulmonologist Wednesday and were there for five hours having x-rays, spiromentry testing, nurse practitioner and then the doctor.  I was exhausted so I know mom and dad were both exhausted.  But GREAT news.  The preliminary x-rays did not show the nodule that was seen last year on dad's CT scan.  So we are now going Thursday to have another chest CT done to make sure it is clear.  WHEW!!

Next week we go to the urologist to see what we can do about the multiple kidney stones dad has right now, the biggest is ove 9mm, WHICH IS HUGE!!  He just wants to get it out so the pain can stop....and I totally agree.

We have had some horrible weather this week with hail up to golf ball size in our town.  We were out of power Wednesday night for about 5 hours, thankfully the storm that blew through here brought tons of rain which cooled us down a bit, sleeping with the windows open to keep cool.

We awoke yesterday to these beautiful Cala Lillies blooming in the flower garden.  These are more of the birthday flowers from last year.  I just love them, especially the beautiful pearl white with the hint of burgundy on these blooms.

Today my plan is to get mom's quilt into the longarm and start quilting on it. 
Happy Quilting,

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