Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trip To Landrum Quilt Show

Today was a wonderful road trip to the Landrum Quilt Show.  Me, my mom Betty, Susan, Susan's mom Christine and Suzanne had a great time exploring the quilt show and the town of Landrum, SC.
The morning started early when I picked up mom, Susan, Suzanne and then on up the road to pick up Christine.  We hit Landrum around 10:15 this morning.  We were greated in the parking lot by one of the husband's of the Landrum Quilt Guild member riding in a golf cart.  He was offering rides from the parking lot to the school where the show was being held.  Mom, Susan and Suzanne hitched a ride while Christine and I strolled past the beautiful flowers planted in front of the school.

Once inside the building we all got started viewing the show.  This year they had tons of vendors with beautiful things to intice us.

Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite quilts from the show.  Little did I know that my cat "Whiskers" had followed me to the show......hehehehe.

In the picture below I loved the "BQ" pattern with the black used to make the shadow around the blocks.

 Cats, Cats everywhere..........
 And of course no show is complete without at least one rooster in the chicken coop........
 The quilt below was of instruments and I loved the look it gave.
 The next wallhanging was made up of four pieces plus a fabric covered twig as a hanger.  It had beeding and dimentional flowers.  Beautiful....and of course the picture does not do it justice.
 I tried to get a close up of some of the beeding and dimentional flowers.
After we viewed the show we headed out to all of the vendors scattered throughout the building.  And yes we all did a little damage to our pocketbooks before we left.

Then it was off to lunch....we were all starved by this time.  We found a little cafe where we could get a burger etc. to eat.

Next we were off to one of the quilt shops in town.  We had a blast there.  It was a shop which shared the building with a knitting shop.  Out back of this quilt shop was an ice cream parlor......and you guessed it....the girls had to get some ice cream for the road trip home.

Everyone has been deliverd back home safetly and now I'm exhausted and think I'll just relax with my hubby for a few minutes and watch a few NCIS reruns.

Hope you have had a great day......stay cool in this HOT weather.....99 today while we were out.
Happy Quilting,


julieQ said...

I loved seeing the show through your eyes...I especially like the dimensional was wonderful!

Shelia said...

Thanks Julie, it was truly a very enjoyable any day quilting.

Amy said...

Glad you liked my wall hanging with the musical instruments....I'm even more glad that you knew it was hung sideways!