Friday, June 17, 2011

I Just Love Scrap Quilts!!

My goal today was to get mom's Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt into the longarm and get started quilting on it.  Below is the first picture with the quilt being loaded in the longarm.  Once I got started quilting I didn't want to stop.  Tonight was my quilting bee night and Debbie was hosting.  I had to call and beg off since I didn't want to stop. Debbie totally understood that it is always best to keep working on this type of project if possible.  Otherwise it will be sometimes weeks before I can get back to finish the project.  Thanks Debbie for being understanding and I'll see everyone next time.

Oh yeah.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEE BUDDY SUSAN!!  Hope you had a great birthday.

While I am quilting one of the secrets that I have learned is to turn off the overhead lights and use a side light to see where  you have been.  This is especially important when you are free hand quilting like I was on this quilt.  I just love how it shows off the stitches as below.
One of the things I like the most about scrap quilts is while you are piecing and quilting you get to see all of the different fabrics that you have used in other projects and remember where it came from.  In this quilt are fabrics from mom's stash and mine.  It was so fun quilting and seeing the pieces as I passed over them with stitches.  The first one here was a dog and cow fabric that I used as a backing on a friends son's baby quilt.
 Below is a close up of some rooster fabric I used on Roger's mom's quilt and beside it is a strip of sea shell fabric that I used as sashing on a quilt of mine.
Another fabric here is the bicycle fabric that I used in a strip swap at our quild many years ago.
 And the next fabric I fondly remember is the fishing lure fabric that Roger's mother made him a shirt out of and I used as sashing on his 50th birthday quilt.  It has special meaning also because on our first date Roger and I went fishing.  See the lure with all of the hooks sticking out.  That is a rapalla and they have 3 treble hooks on them.  Well.......I was in the front of the boat and Roger was in the back running the motor.  I took my rod and swung it back to throw it forward and just then I heard Roger let out a whelp!! I had hooked him in the back with the Rapalla.  He had 6 hooks stuck into his back.  To this day I tell him that he is the best thing I ever hooked!!!  Funny now, but not that day.
 Here is the last row with the final quilting.  I can't  believe that I was able to get it done today.  Now to unzip it off of the rollers and square it up for binding.  Hopefully we can do that Sunday while they are here for Father's Day.
 And another view of the quilt in the frame.
Mom will really be surprised to see it finished.  Now I better decide if we are eating supper (it's 8:34 p.m.) or just having popcorn and going to bed.  I think I will vote for popcorn..........especially since Roger is the captain of popcorn making.
I work in the ER 12 hours tomorrow so I have to get into bed early.....if possible.
Happy Quilting,

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