Sunday, June 5, 2011

Roll Roll Mama!

I'm so proud of mom for completing the piecing of her Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt top.  She finished the borders yesterday.......and YES MAM she is proud!  At 75 years old I think she has done a fabulous job.

Below is mom sewing the last border piece on the quilt.
TA DA.......
 Isn't it gorgeous.  I just love the pinks, green's and neutrals.
Below is a picture of mom on the floor helping straighten out the quilt for pictures.  Now to get it quilted and into the quilt show this year.
 There are over 4,000 pieces in the quilt, most measuring only 1 1/2 inch square!  Great Job Mom!

Below is a close up of the border area.
Hopefully I can get it into the quilt frame this week and get it done.
Hope you are having a great weekend of quilting.

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