Monday, July 11, 2011

Bee Night

My bee girls came over Friday night and we had a blast.  Only one peep missing......Sue we hope you have recovered from  your travels.  Suzanne was working on the ribbons for the Blueberry Festival at Roper Mountain Science Center for the quilt contest.  Susan was working on a double irish chain UFO from years ago, Debbie was working on a sunbonnet sue block, mom was stitching the binding and label on her Bonnie Hunter Roll Roll Cotton Boll Quilt which she named House of Many Colors and I loaded my corn & beans quilt into the longarm.
 I was able to complete the quilting on the top and Sunday I got the top squared off, binding sewn on and a label made.  Then I was able to stitch the binding down while spending some time with my honey.  Below is my "helper"
 Surely he does not think this is really helping does he?
Nothing like fighting to get each stitch sewn.  He was sound asleep in the rocker across the room when I sat down to start working on this binding.  Roger says that Whiskers can smell a new quilt a mile away and just has to put his "loving into it also".  What a boy!!
Below is the finished, quilted, bound and labeled UFO!!!!!!
Below is the freehand quilting that I came up with.  I kinda think it looks like the husks and silks of corn plants. I enjoyed quilting this design.  Now I need to put this into my sketch book before I forget what I did.
This is the label I printed for the quilt.  Thanks Ruth for some beautiful blocks.
Now I need to get back to work and pull another UFO out of the what will be my next project?????  More later.
Happy Quilting,

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Ruth said...

Somehow I missed that you finished this! Would love to have a copy of the picture of the finished quilt! I found your blogspot when I googled my name! It showed the stack of blocks! Love what you've done...even if it took my 2 years to find it!