Monday, July 11, 2011

Drum Roll......For The Next UFO Project To Complete

And the next UFO to be worked on is...........
........Brown Kaleidoscope!
 Wow......As I pull this package out of my stash of UFO's, I see the label where I started piecing these blocks in 1995!  That is 16 years ago.  I would say that this is a really old UFO.  I had only been quilting for about 3 years when I started this project.

Now for my questions.  1-Do I still like Kaleidoscope blocks?  Yes.  2- Do I still like the colors that I was piecing the blocks with?  Yes, and I already have 20 blocks completed and more pieces that could be made into additional blocks.  3- So do I want to keep this project and complete it, trash it, or give it away?  I think I will keep it and complete it.
 Now let's put some of these blocks on the design wall and see what I've got.  Hummmmm.  One thing I love about kaleidoscope blocks is when you squint your eyes you can see circles in the quilt.  Kinda neat.  I have 20 of the blocks up on the design wall.  Now to decide if I stop here or piece some more blocks.

Now to see how much of these fabrics I have left and decide on the number of blocks and the border layouts. 
Happy Quilting,


Frog Quilter said...

I do like quilts with a secondary design. Yours definitely has it.

Nann said...

If you leave it at 16 blocks then you'd have a nice wallhanging. (I can imagine it with an appliqued spray of flowers, but that ambition might consign it to the UFO pile for another 16 years....)