Friday, February 24, 2012

Quilter's Are Very Resourceful

This is an update on everything.

I don't know about you but one thing that always drives me crazy when you are at a hospital where people are trying to rest is a squeaky door. 

Every time someone tried to just open the door and check on dad this crazy hospital door squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked, cracked and squalled.  Driving me nuts!  So what does a quilter do?
Monday I brought my sewing machine oil to the hospital and oiled every single part of the hinge.  Problem solved!  Now the staff can open the door and it doesn't wake dad up everytime they check. 

Tuesday was my friend Kim's birthday.  Hard to believe that last year on this day we were in Cosumel Mexico swimming with the dolphins and stingrays for her birthday.  Boy how time flies.  Roger stopped by the gift shop and found this pillow which is so fitting for Kim.
The back is fur covered the color of our cat "sissy" and the one on the front looks like her too.  It says "No outfit is complete without CAT HAIR"
Kim loved the pillow.

The PT girl and I were able to get dad up into the chair for about 25 minutes yesterday.  Jello legs for sure.  But he is up out of the bed.  Another miracle.  His appetite is slowly coming back and we are trying to get him to eat to build his strength.  Nothing makes you weaker than jello for five days and being sedated, especially at his age.  He was asking lots of questions yesterday about what happened and why he was in the hospital.  His short term memory is working as he can remember what he did a few hours before you ask.  Another great milestone in his recovery.  One week ago today we didn't think he was going to pull through this........amazing.......and I am so blessed and happy for his continued recovery. 

Now for UFO update.  Remember all of those cathedral window blocks I got made and in my ready bag?  Well I have gotten 2 panels of 14 blocks each completed while at the hospital with dad. I wasn't able to work on any of the panels pieces until Wednesday when dad's condition improved.  He was way too roudy before that to do any sewing.  We spent most of the time trying to keep him from hurting himself and in the bed during his confusion.  Amazing how strong they are when they are confused.  Now this picture was taken when I took them out of being rolled up in my ready bag so they are a little wrinkled but will flatten out.   These two are ready to sew together and add to to additional panels getting ready to be added to the "mother ship".  Mother ship is the term I use for the larger completed portion of the quilt.
Now I need to refill my ready bag and take with me today.  I love Pat Sloan's idea of having this "ready bag" in your car.  Don't know why I haven't done this before.  I always waited until we were going on a trip and got a bunch of blocks ready to take with me.  Oh well, now I am really concentrating on getting this quilt done and this UFO option is certainly helping.  I have a doctor's appointment myself today and will not get to the hospital until later today.  Mom is with dad there now.

I cooked chicken in the crockpot while I was at the hospital yesterday and made chicken and dumplings last night when I got home.  I'll take some to the hospital today for dad.  God's penicillin is what I have always called chicken and dumplings.  Nothing, in my book, gets you better quicker than chicken and dumplings!

Hope that you can work some quilting into your day today.  I have the list of my UFO's that I picked during the 12 tips printed and with me in my "ready bag" to keep me reminded of what I am working on getting completed.  Never hurts to remind yourself of your goals.  I have the material pressed and ready to cut for the borders of the patriotic quilt.  Another one of my UFO's are getting close to completion.  YIPPIE!

Happy quilting,

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julieQ said...

My heart and prayers are with you and your are a resourceful girl!!