Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update On Dad

We have the full gammit of doctors consulting and hope they are all communicating together so here is their take:
Urologist....the plumbing is working. Meaning that there is a stent in place and a catheter in place to keep the kidney working and hopefully and urine draining.
Nephrologist-kidney specialist. His BUN and Creatinine are slowly improving. Still remain elevated but coming down slowly. Dr. Yu now does not think that all of the confusion is due to his kidney function. Going to consult neurology.
Hospitalist-medical management. Sodium up today so changed IV fluids, keeping antibiotics going due to spiked a fever last night. Continues clear liquid diet due to confusion...we've had every flavor and color of jello so far. INR 2.3 today which means blood is back to a normal thinned level with his coumadin. CT scan on Friday night was negative for stroke but concerned also about continued confusion.
Cardiologist-heart is still in sinus rhythm, no problems with atrial fib at this time. Continues on remote telementry to monitor that.
Pulmonologist-lung specialist. Dad started last night with wheezing. Started on breathing treatments, which really haven't changed the wheezing very much. He only starts wheezing when he gets aggitated and trying to get out of bed.
Dad still doesn't recognize mom or me today. Maybe neuro can shed some light....or not, we'll continue to take one hour at a time.
Thanks to everyone for all of the continued prayers and calls. Shelia

Happy Quilting,

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Debbie said...

Still sending prayers. Some times there are no easy answers that our minds can understand. My Mom's dementia onset was sudden and over whelmed us. Stay strong.