Friday, February 3, 2012

UFO Busting Tip #12

Today is the last of the 12 UFO busting tips from Pat Sloan.  She is great at helping us find inspiration to get our projects completed.

UFO Busting Tip #12- "Have You Noticed"

Have you noticed most of the UFO's you have are for you?

Well my last tip is not earth shattering, but it does require you to make a commitment. 
A commitment to yourself to add YOU to the list of people who needs a quilt.

Many of us work best on a deadline.. you know...
"The baby just arrived.. 4 weeks early!"
"Guess what.. we just flew to Vegas and got married!"
"Can you do a quilt for our charity, which is next week?"

We quilters are enormously generous with our time. As my one friend said, we may not want to get rid of our fabric, but we'd be HAPPY to make you a quilt with it!
And why is that?
It's because Quilting,
making things,
and sharing what we have made feeds our soul.

It makes us whole, it gives us immense joy, and it is our hobby!
So... back to the first question..
Why ARE there so many UFOs for YOU? 
*** Your Assignment ***
  • Pick the top THREE projects that you want to finish for you (yes I like lists and I like THREE!)
  • Set a deadline of when they need to be done.
  • Do NOT move this deadline.
  • Do NOT take on other work that makes you MISS this deadline.
  • Now get the first of these 3 projects OUT where you CAN work on it. Don't leave it in a box under the bed in the spare room.  Put it front and center in your workspace
  • Now work to finish something for YOU!
I love Pat's advise here.  I am always doing for others and putting off doing for me.  So here are my top three projects FOR ME to complete:
  1. My Cathedral Window Quilt- I am currently working diligently on this UFO to get it completed.  You remember from a previous tip that I had cut all of the blocks and was sewing, turning and pressing them.  I am now sewing together sections to insert windows into.  My goal is to have this completed by August 1, 2012.
  2. My second "for me" project is my birthday memory quilt.  My goal to have this completed is October 1, 2012.
  3. The third "for me" project is my Kaleidoscope quilt.  My goal to have this completed is April  15, 2012.
Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me......FOR ME!
Now if I could just get rid of this headache things would be much easier to work on.  I am really getting "OVER" this headache crap.  I see neurosurgeon on Monday afternoon and hopefully she will be able to give me some helpful information.

On another note:  Dad back in ER this morning for possible DVT in leg.  Thankfully no clot, but progressing restless leg syndrome.  He is having such a difficult year and I hate that he is having to go through all of this.  Got to get him on a better path.  Mom is exhausted and trying to keep herself going also.  I'm making them a pot of chicken and dumplings to take down for supper tonight.  They always help me feel better.  Then hopefully tonight I can sew a few stitches....
Happy Quilting,

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