Sunday, February 26, 2012

Article About Bonnie Hunter

This week I received my Winter 2012 issue of On Track! magazine from IMQA, the International Machine Quilters Association.  I have been reading it while at the hospital with dad.
This issue has a wonderful article by Linda Hamson, the editor of the magazine and Vice President of IMQA, about Using Up Your Stash. In the article she visits Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter's free patterns for using your scraps. 

If you've never visited Bonnie's website you will be thrilled when you do.  Run on over now to Quiltville and spend some time with Bonnie's scrap user's sytem and all of the beautiful patterns she has for your enjoyment.

Thanks Bonnie for all of your inspiration.

Happy Quilting,

Update on Dad:  Taking a few steps forward and some backwards.  We had gotten the catheter out and were hoping to go to rehab this weekend.  But found that he was not emptying his bladder and had to reinsert the catheter.  Started also with a cough so CXR is pending on that.  Hopefully no pneumonia setting up.  Trying to keep him moving those legs and taking those deep breaths.  Prayers keep going up for his speedy recovery.  Thanks for all the love coming our way.

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