Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Quilting Tool

Last night on the way home from checking on dad we stopped off quickly at Hancock Fabrics.  I purchased my newest quilting tool......
New Fiskars Rag Quilt Snips.  Remember my new leader-ender project is a Halloween rag quilt.  These will be used to snip the seam allowances so they will rag when the quilt is washed.
Suzanne taught us to clip close to the seam but making sure that we don't clip the seam itself.  This should turn out to be a cute quilt when finished.  Wonder how long it will take as a leader-ender project to get this done???

Off to work again, hope you can quilt some today.  My bee girls are off to our "gathering of the quilters".  It's an annual quilt day where quilters from quilds in the upstate get together for demo's and quilting fun.  I know they will have an awesome day.

Happy quilting,

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