Friday, February 10, 2012

My Grand Parents Place

I am in the process of helping my dad and his siblings decide what to do with the family homestead.  We are going to sell the place and hopefully one of my cousins will be able to purchase the homestead.  I met with an appraiser yesterday to begin the process.  While he was taking pictures and measurements I was reminded of all of the wonderful times I had there as a child. 
The Adams homestead. 
Somehow it just doesn't seem the same now.  An empty shell of the happiness that once was there.  There are three large old pecan trees on the property and they have always put out tons of pecans.....many were still on the ground now.  There used to be a muscadine vine behind this pecan tree in the back but was cut down about ten years ago.  I can remember some awesome muscadine jelly granny Lena used to make.  There was also a peach tree that had to be removed due to storm damage.  I used to get in trouble for climbing up the tree to get to those wonderful juicy peaches.  I still love peaches!

The back of the property for the past 72 years has been a wonderful garden spot.  This is the first time in my lifetime that there is not a garden being grown there.  Guess I never thought I would see grass growing over the garden my papa worked so hard to tend.  Times change.......and we move on.  It is hard for my mind to comprehend that I am now one of the "older" members of the family.  (now that will make you take a step backwards!)
Hopefully next week we will have the process moving forward and get this completed and off of my list of items to do.

Off to see my bee girls tonight.  Need a little unwinding time.  We are meeting at the Genghis Grill here in Greenville to eat prior to going to Gina's for bee.  I've never been to a mongolian grill before so I think that it will be fun.  I'm off to pick mom up before heading over to the grill.  Maybe I can post some pictures later.  Hope all of the other girls are able to come tonight.

Happy Quilting,

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