Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Surprise Trip

Today Roger needed to go to Charlotte and asked me to tag along.  So after he finished his tool gathering we were able to make a stop at......
 Who could turn down that offer....hehe.

I haven't been to Mary Jo's in a while and boy have things changed.  They have totally changed the shop around.  And so many new businesses around the store.

Aren't these lucious fabrics.  I love the new paisley prints that are out.  But this trip I tried to make myself buy just neutrals.  Boy is that hard when you are at Mary Jo's. 
Looking down the isles I see why my stash is mostly medium and dark fabrics.  Because I LOVE THEM!  Even Roger kept picking out beautiful jewel tones and vibrant colors that he liked also.  But I kept to my guns and picked out neutrals.
Hey here is one that I got that had a chicken soup recipe on it.  Cute!
Here is a look at the neutrals that I bought today.  I think that I did pretty good with all of the fabrics that I was exposed to.
On the way to the checkout counter we passed by the clearance rack of fabrics and I found this halloween fabric......it was clearance and I just had to have it for my rag quilt....hehe.
Ok I know there is a pink fabric with cats in the picture above.  I drooled over this fabric so long in the isle and kept saying NO because I was only buying neutrals today.  I went by it so many times that Roger took the bolt to the cutting table and had a yard of it cut for me.  He handed it in at the checkout.  Hey, it was already cut and how sweet he was for that.....hehe....got him trained good don't I.

Now I've got to get the final hanging sleeve on my quilt for the show.  I can't believe that I didn't put a sleeve on it when I did the binding......grrrrrrrr......

Happy Quilting,


sew.darn.quilt said...

Oooo I'd love to be a kid in that candy store! You took home some real gems :)

Shelia said...

Yes, but so hard to just do neutrals. When I stand back and look at my stash I see why I don't have neutrals....I Love Color!