Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up.

The past week has been crazy.  I've been out of internet and phone service since last Monday......grrrrrr.  Don't realize how much you use something until it is not there.

The poor repairman spent the entire day here Friday.  He arrived at 8 a.m. and started out with replacing some connectors, then saw that my modem was ancient....hehe....hey like I said it still worked.....until last week why replace it?  Then when replacing the connectors and new modem didn't fix the problem he moved on and found that the signal was too weak.  Then he added an amplifier to our line.  Still not working.  Then he went into the crawl space under the house.  Now this is where I draw the line.  I showed him the entrance and told him there was a light switch just inside the door......but after that he was on his own.  This girl does not crawl around in spider and God knows what else infested places.  With my luck I would crawl face to face with a  and you know I don't do those!!!!!  He just laughed.  I told him that if he screamed I would be glad to call EMS and have them pull him out.  I'd take care of him when he was out but I'm not coming in after you!!  hehe.  Luckily he didn't need any emergency services.  But still didn't fix the problem.  Next he went down the lines outside to the utility pole on the back of our property to see how the signal was there.  About 2 hours later he decided that he had to run all new cable form the pole to our house....OMG!  So finally at 3 pm we had internet service and phone service back.  Wow..what a day. 

While he was working hard I spent some time in my studio cleaning up some of the stuff from the quilt show.

At the show Kim's mother Gail brought me some pillowcases she made for the children at Shriner's Hospital. How sweet she is to help in this endeavor. Each year we make pillowcases to give out to the children at the Greenvile Unit of Shriner's Hospital for Children. 

The children love the special cases which are just for them.  It gives them something cute in a very medical environment.  My friend Margaret also brought me some pillowcases for the children.  How awesome to have these ladies think of this project during the busy quilt show.  Thanks a million for your love and support!

I'm spending some more time today in my studio, then working out at the gym.  Happy Quilting,


Mara said...

My goodness, all that, well I'm glad you got connected again.

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