Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quilt Show Set Up

Today we started set up for our quilt show this weekend.  Russ Clarke and I started measuring out the floor according to the plan and placing tape where the quilt stands should be placed.
 Here is another view as we were getting most of the stands in place.  Next the group can start placing the rods and quilts.
 My next job was getting the silent auction area set up.  Mom and I were getting everything out of my car to bring in and set up.  Here is my trunk filled with items for the auction.
 One of the ladies had brought a wagon to use bringing in her stuff for the boutique and let me use it to bring in the auction things.  Yippie!!
 Here is Sue and her helpers setting up the boutique.  Lots of beautiful things for sale.
 Here is Mom and I getting things set up for the silent auction.  Don't have all of the curtains up yet.  Will look much better when done.  We have 29 items up for auction.  Some beautiful quilts, table runners, tote bags, jewelry, embelllishment basket and a fabric basket up for auction.
Off to work now.

Happy Quilting,

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

This looks all too familiar - our show is next weekend.