Monday, October 29, 2012

Mom's First

Recently my mom made the comment that she would like to learn how to use the longarm.  She truly seemed excited about the thought of being able to do some of her quilts on the machine.  So I decided that the two habitat for humanity quilts she had pieced would be just the project for her to learn on.

Here is mom as she gets started quilting her first quilt herself on the longarm.  So very proud of her at 76 years old using the longarm for the first time.

 Here she is working her way down the border.
 Taking her time and really getting a feel for the machine.  I set the machine on stitch regulator and she did great.
 Driving right along.
 And finished.......YIPPIE!  Great job mom!

Here is a little binding trick that I use when sewing on a binding.  If you machine has a knee lift you can do this trick.

I put my binding on a roll, here I've used a piece of pvc pipe cut to 2-inches.  You can wind your binding around the pipe.  Then put the piece of pipe over the knee lift.  As you sew the roll will unwind as you need it and keep your binding from running all over the floor.  I've used this trick for years and love it.  Let me know if you use this and how it works for you.
 And now mom's finished quilt!
I think she did great for her very first machine quilted quilt!  I just realized that she has never quilted one on her domestic machine either, so it is truly her first machine quilted quilt.

Happy Quilting,

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