Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another UFO In Progress

Another one of my projects that I chose to keep was the Crown Royal bag quilt that I started May 22, 2002.  This was a quilt that my husband had requested and I thought would be very cute.  I had pieced 16 of the blocks so far and had pieces cut out for another 2.  But I needed to add more fabric to be able to piece the rest of the blocks.  I've searched through all of my fabrics and was able to find the fabrics that I initially started with so hopefully I will have enough to get it finished.

But before I can piece more blocks I needed to de-construct some more bags for pieces. I'm using the bag pieces as the center and the star points in each block.  I turned the square on point so that I could have the signature read correctly in the blocks.
Then to de-constructing more bags for pieces I need for the additional blocks.
 When I cut down beside the serged seams it gives me the large front piece.
Then I cut out the other serged seam which leaves me with a full back piece and a long piece which serves as the gusset of the bag.
 Here is my pile after de-constructing a few bags.
 I'm also taking the cording out of the bag top, haven't decided quite yet where I am going to use them on the quilt, but who knows.
 When I originally started this quilt I was cutting the block pieces using Marti Michell's templates.  So I am continuing to use them for block accuracy and cohesiveness.
Here is the blocks so far.  I'v cut some flowers out of the bag material and trying it on the design board to see what I think prior to sewing the blocks together.  I'll have to study this a while before I decide.
Happy quilting,

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Gene Black said...

Wow, it looks great on the design wall!