Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Day

Today is family day at our house and I am excited to get to spend time with my grand children and great grand son.  My mom and brother are also coming over today.  It's a great day!

Sorry for the long post and there are lots of pictures.  My blog serves as my journal and I have it printed each year, so pictures are part of my memories.  I've realized how precious pictures are with so many family members no longer here.

So first here is mom making her family favorite fruit salad.
 Many family member fight over the leftovers at every family gathering.  One of the one's who loves it the most is my niece's husband Jerry.  Below is the picture I texted to him.....hehe....he couldn't be here today because he had to work........mean hugh!  He said he would get me back!
 Next are some of the family pictures we took today.  I've decided to take pictures at every gathering no matter what it is as I realized that some of my pictures taken recently were the last one's of some of our loved ones.  So don't take any day for granted.

Here's my grand daughter Haley, me and little Anthony my first great grand son.
 Next is Haley, Me, little Anthony and his uncle Roger III (my oldest grandson and Haley's brother)
 Haley, Roger, Anthony and Roger III
Roger and Anthony
Haley, her grandfather Roger and Anthony
 Haley, me, Anthony and my mother great-great grandmother Betty.
 Isn't he precious!
Here is Anthony and uncle Roger III
 Me, mom and my brother Paul Jr.  Paul looks so much like my dad's side of the family.  He favors my grandfather Ben so much!  Miss all them Adams boys, dad, Uncle Virgil, and Uncle Don!  Going to be a tough Christmas this year without them and Uncle Bob.  They were they guys that kept so many tricks going on everyone. 
It's been a great family day.  Hopefully next month everyone will get to be here.
Happy Quilting,

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