Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Wonderful Find

Yesterday was, by my calendar, a very busy day as I had an early morning mandatory infection control class at our main campus of GHS, Probate appointment with mom, a doctor's appointment with mom and my annual arrhythmia test to do......whew.

As I arrived at the main hospital campus and after finally finding some where to park I headed out for the LONG walk to get to the hospital itself.  In my walking to find the meeting room I came across this find........Another celebration quilt which had been made by the hospital employees.  I noticed this from across a huge atrium so I had to detour past it for a closer look.

 Below are some close ups of some of the blocks.  So cute.
Isn't the labor and delivery block just precious.  All the little bundles of joy!
 The dialysis one was also cute.
 So much talent in a group of people.
 Night before last while going through some more scraps I found some left over "fabric strata.....AKA pieced fabric strip panels" which were left over from doing my uncle Virgil's quilt for his son Jason.  So I wondered......squeek, squeek.....that's my squeeky mind thinking.  What if I laid the strip panels across my 2 1/2 inch strip cutter in the Accuquilt.  Ta Dah!  I now have 2 1/2 inch square pieced strips.  I can sew these together into longer rows or not depending on what I decide to do with them.
I could make some more of the mug mats that I made as a gift to the ladies at my table for the All Season's Luncheon we had to raise money for Shriner's Hospital.  I did a patriotic table and all of the ladies I had at my table received one of these as their table favor from me. 
Here is the link to the post where I show the luncheon and tables decorated. Shriner's Hospital All Season Luncheon Fundraiser.

So back to my day yesterday, it quickly went to crap when I received this picture from my son in Florida of my grandson here in Greenville.  He had sent this picture to his dad of how he looked this morning and how he felt terrible.  My son sent me the picture and Grandma went into ER Nurse mode.  Called my grandson and when he could barely speak I quickly got him to the ER for treatment.  Not knowing if this was meningitis or not at the time.  Praise God for the not.  I work with a wonderful team of emergency doctor's and nurses who provided awesome care for my sweetie.  I felt so bad for him.  He felt so bad and when I swabbed his throat for the strep screen he was dry as a creek bed.  Said he couldn't drink much Wednesday and had been running fever since the night before.

He was so sick and this started yesterday......grrrrrrrrr, nurse for grandma and you don't call!!!!!!!!   He thought he would feel better yesterday but had this head to toe rash when he woke up having trouble breathing.  But many prayers answered. 

Final diagnosis severe case of Mono with allergic reaction to an antibiotic that a friend's doctor dad had prescribed penicillin for a questionable (undiagnosed) case of strep.  He gave him penicillin and zithromax.  Go figure.  so on top of his compromised airway, rash, fever and dehydration he now has to list both meds as allergies.  Wouldn't chance giving him either ever again to find out which was the culprit.

By 8:00 last night his fever was broke, he was able to drink fluids and was eating some home made chicken and dumplings, which he requested from grandma and of course I gladly provided.  Drinking gatorade and taking his steroids and benadryl.  His girlfriend Anastasia now also has grandma's cell number just in case my wonderful grandson is ever stubborn again and not calling me when he is sick.  Got to love em!

I told him that grandma is tooooooo old for him to be scaring the crap out of me.  He just laughed with his swollen face and lips and said "I'd give you a kiss grandma if I didn't look like a lizard right now"  hehe.  Thank  you Lord for helping me make it through this day!

Got to have some Bee girl time tonight.  Don't know what I'll take to work on but something will get sewn tonight.

Happy Healthy Quilting Everyone!

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sew.darn.quilt said...

Smashing find, that quilt! It's wonderful!
Yes, scaring the crap out of Gramma
is not a good idea, hope your grandson is feeling much better soon. Then you can read the riot act to him!!
Take care