Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday Night Bee

Friday night bee therapy is just what we all needed.  Tonight we met at Gina & Dave's house.  Today is Dave's Birthday......HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!
 Suzanne picked up a Death by chocolate cake for Dave's birthday.  WOW......WAS IT GREAT AND RICH!  It was four layers of cake, soaked in rum, separated by chocolate moose and a 1-inch think layer of chocolate moose on top covered by chocolate ganache.  Now that is death by chocolate.....delish!
And you don't see any of us turning it down do you!
Now that we are all in a proven chocolate coma.....we moved upstairs to start on our assembly line project of a rag quilt eye spy quilt for the silent auction.

At the start of the session each one of use took a different position in the assembly line.  Suzanne cut out batting pieces and more fabric squares, Me, Gina and Dave.....oh yeah Dave joined into the fun tonight, we were the piecers who sewed an X across each 5-inch square sandwich of fabric & 4-inch piece of batting in the middle.  Susan pressed fabric and anything else that we needed done and mom put the two pieces of fabric and a piece of batting into stacks for us to sew.  They kept me, Dave and Gina rocking for a long time.
As soon as we got enough blocks pieced Susan and Dave were assigned placing the sewn squares onto the design wall to be sewn into rows.  They got this assignment because these two have the most trouble being totally know not having a plan in the color placement.....These two are wonderful quilters but like having a planned quilt, even when it is scrappy.  We had lots of laughs and they did a great job with the placement.  It's scrappy!  Suzanne would not allow them to remove any square once it had been placed up on the board....hehe....such fun.

Here are the squares on the board just before Dave and I started sewing them into rows.  That is a wild process to someone who is used to putting the seams on the back of the block.  Yes there are some duplicate fabrics, but remember we said just throw them up and lets see what happens.
 Here are the assembly line girls keeping me, Gina you see her back in the picture and Dave sewing. 
 Here shows some rows sewn together.
And finally a finished childs rag Eye Spy quilt....the front. 
 And the back.  Isn't it cute.
After the rows were sewn into the quilt top Susan and Dave started the ragging, cutting 1/4 inch nips into each and every seam allowance all the way through the entire top.  While they did that we kept sewing squares for a second top for Habitat for Humanity. 
 Here is Suzanne setting the blocks on the design wall for the 2nd quilt.
 I brought the child's top home with me and washed it.  Here is the top after washing.  It is soooo soft and cuddly.  Some child is going to be a very happy little camper after someone purchases this at the silent auction.
You know having a bee group or even just a couple of ladies that you regularly sew with is such a blessing in your life.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful group of ladies and men that we quilt with.  It was delightful to have Gina's husband Dave quilt with us Friday night.  He is in own right is an awesome quilter!  Thanks Dave for being there and showing us how to do this right.  Hope you enjoyed your "Birthday Bee Party".

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Happy quilting everyone,


sew.darn.quilt said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a fun time and such a fantastic quilt.
Your group rocks!!

Karen M said...

The eye spy quilt is very cute. Did your MIL's quilt ever get finished? I apologize if I missed the post.

Shelia said...

My MIL's quilt is still in the quilt frame a little over 1/2 finished. Just working on it as much as possible inbetween other projects and family.

Linda said...

Looks like a great night of fun with friends..friends, chocolate and quilting..It doesn't get any better than that!