Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out Of Control Quilting Studio...YIKES!!

Do you ever feel like you have just lost control of your quilting space? 
Well today I soooooo feel that very way.  I have stuff everywhere in preparation for the quilt show and my own projects going on.  Below are just a few views as it sits today.  Sorry for the disaster show.
From the pictures you can see that I have things for the boutique, things for the silent auction, my quilt show entries etc.
Halloween fabric that I am using for my leader-ender halloween rag quilt.
 Stuff, stuff, stuff........I can't even see the top of my quilting table.  I don't know about you but this just drives me zonkers.  And of course I don't have time today to just come in here and clean all of this stuff up.......but this weekend.....I will have a table I can see again.

Just venting.....hope you find some time today to quilt.......and hope you can, unlike me today, actually find your sewing machine....hehe.

Happy Quilting,


Mary said...

My sewing room is currently a work in progress, so relocated a machine to the living room - that is the only reason I can find it. Unlike me, you have an end in sight, this renovation is taking forever.

The Slow Quilter said...

I feel your pain, my cutting table is so overloaded with stuff, that I am cutting on the dinning room table. Hopefully this week end i will try to get it cleand off, put I don't see that really happening.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Going thru this myself - customer pieces, a show, vending, on-line obligations, etc.... - I found that marking a large tote with each specific - place those items there undercover and a bit out of the way, helps with the 'clutter' of it all. In two weeks it should all be GONE!!