Friday, September 7, 2012

Trip To Florida

Last weekend we went to Florida to check on Roger's mother Alberta.  She is having more vision problems from her macular degeneration and has fallen more recently.

I discovered the main reason for her falls is that her degeneration is now in the center of her field of vision as well as partial side vision.  So she is trying to see where she can see the best.  Makes it very frustrating for her.  Another reason she has fallen is because of her hip and back pain.  We decided to get her a lift chair to help with getting in and out of her chair which was becoming increasingly difficult. 

Here we are getting the chair into the livingroom.
 Roger trying to get it right where she wanted it.
 Here's mom Alberta learning to use her chair.  It made a great difference in her ability to get up and down easier.  Thank heaven for modern technology.
Below is a picture of Alberta and Dan's driveway.  I love the oak trees and spanish moss hanging.  So rustic and peaceful looking.  There is always a difference in how everything moves at a slower pace there.  Like no one is ever in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything in a hurry.  Not like the city at all.

Below is a picture of Roger's Sister Rhonda, Roger and their mom Alberta.  So hard to get them to get a picture.....sometimes you just have to insist!  Like I told them, you never know the next time we get together who will not be in the picture.  You have to document life as you go, you can't wait for a better hair day or better weather.  Just do it.  You'll never regret a picture of your mom and you no matter what it looks like.
Lot's more to share from the trip....including the quilt shop trip.  I'll post more tomorrow.

Happy Quilting,

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