Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Grand Baby Update

Finally home and to hospital to see little Anthony.

Here is a PROUD Great Grand Mother.....whew am I really that old?

 And the new little family, Michael, Haley and Anthony.
 Very PROUD Great Grandpa.  Roger and Anthony.
 and Haley just texted me this picture of them leaving the hospital.  Sweet....sweet.
I have had several quilt patterns in mind for his quilt but was waiting to meet little Anthony first.  Now I have really got to get it done.



giddy99 said...

congratulations; he is a cutie! My mom will be a great-grandmother in January, and she doesn't seem "that old" either!

wait, that makes me a great-aunt, doesn't it? ... :)

mara said...


Barbara Woods said...

love those great grands we have 7 congrats